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Its uh. Long overdue. But here we go, subject to tweaks!


Status: Open


Would prefer enquiries via email.~
(Unless you have me on skype. Feel free to boop me on there if you do.)


Unless we know one another, I expect full payment upfront via paypal. No exceptions. I do not do refunds, though I will send WIPs as often as I can to make sure the commission is as you desire. Sketch WIPs will be provided as soon as I can and confirmed with the client before any further progress is made. I have no set time restrictions for now, though I will strive to get it to you within 2 weeks after payment.


Now, I’m open to drawing most things. But please bear in mind what my gallery consists of, if I don’t have mecha art that's because I don't draw it. It’d be a mistake to ask for that from me, and I'll likely have to decline. Same goes for a style entirely different to what I use currently (I'm not very good for anime, for example). Sorry!


- Character Art

- Fanart

- Pinup (Including Nudity)

- Relatively Simple Environments

- Portraits


- 'Mecha'

- Most weaponry (Accessory is acceptable.)

- Most animals, I can work with references but I'm not super good.

- 'Anthro' stuff.



They vary. They really do. I’d like to go over it with you privately after you’ve explained what you want, that’s the only way we get a good idea and only then can we settle on a price. Backgrounds, extra characters, and things of that nature will also be discussed privately. Though as a rough guideline;

Item artwork is $5+ per image. PSD included, no bigger than 300px.
( )

Chibi characters are $10 per.… )

Sketches can be between $10 and $35  depending entirely on what you want. This includes basic, rough, black and white shading. Obviously a 'no shading', sketch of 'shoulders up', is going to be fairly cheap.

Illustrations can be $40 to $100 based entirely on the image you’re requesting. Heavy detail on a full body, coloured, is going to be more expensive than if you ask me for a coloured portrait. I've done most portraits in my gallery for around the $50 mark. Fullbodies $70 and upwards.

I try to aim between $10-15 per hour. I’m UK based but I’ve worked with USD via paypal for a significant amount of time, my conversions aren't 100% accurate but they’re a good idea.


I reserve the right to accept or decline commissions.

vixfin Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Sorry to comment on here ;v;
But I was wondering if you were able to do small Item commissions around the size of 300 x 300 ? They can be sketched so it shouldn't be too dificult !
Here a journal with more information about what I'm looking for: Looking for Item Artists
I've noticed some of your works and you got me very interested !!

Thanks <3
elz-art Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I've got time for this, yeah. ^^ 
Email me at - Might be easier to sort things. :) 
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March 30, 2016


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